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Alternative Energy Sources: The Benefits of CHP Units

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Engine of a CHP Unit

With the energy crisis showing no signs of improving and the lack of an energy price cap to protect businesses from increased gas and electricity prices, many are turning towards alternative energy sources to improve their energy consumption and reduce their bills. One way of doing so is through Combined Heat & Power Units (CHP Units).

How do CHP Units work?

A CHP unit is driven by natural, bio or Liquified Petroleum Gas. These gasses pump a piston in an electrical generator; the CHP unit then converts otherwise wasted heat energy produced by the piston and made available as either steam or hot water. This heat can then be used in pipework throughout your building to provide heating and hot water. This process allows you to recuperate otherwise lost energy and feed this around your build. Alternatively, any excess energy can be sold back to the electrical grid.

What are the benefits of CHP Units?

CHP Units are a neutral fuel technology. CHP units represent an innovative design solution for your business that helps: reduce your energy consumption, makes your business more fuel-efficient, and saves you money.

Several benefits that come with this are:

  • CHP Units are exempt from Climate Change Levy (CCL)
  • Reduced Gas and Electricity bills
  • CHP typically has an efficiency of over 80%
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Ensure the security of your energy supply
  • Up to a 30% reduction in carbon emissions

Who would benefit from a CHP Unit?

The CHP unit is ideal for large energy consumers who use a mixture of heat and electricity. The CHP unit allows you to simultaneously generate electricity and heat in a way that is almost twice as efficient, generates electricity a third of the price of conventional UK suppliers and helps meet corporate social responsibility targets.

If you have been hit by the current energy crisis and are looking for alternative ways to fuel your business, or you’re searching for more efficient energy sources that help your business avoid paying a costly CCL charge, then get in contact with BP Consulting today and find out how our energy experts can help you save money and reduce your energy consumption today!

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