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Effective Energy Management Solutions For Organisations

We offer effective energy management solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. From energy audits to sustainable solutions, our expert team is dedicated to maximising cost savings, minimising environmental impact, and ensuring regulatory compliance for businesses of all sizes and sectors.

Our energy management services optimise the use of energy resources; reducing costs, enhancing sustainability, ensuring compliance and always driving innovation.

Effective energy management is crucial for organisations of all sizes as it plays a vital role in reducing operational costs, enhancing sustainability and improving operational efficiency. With the fluctuating cost of energy and the impact of climate change, managing energy consumption has become an essential aspect of business strategy.

Energy Efficiency

Through effective energy management strategies, organisations can identify opportunities to optimise usage, reduce waste, and enhance overall operational efficiency, leading to cost savings and a reduced environmental footprint.

Regulatory Compliance

Effective energy management serves as a proactive approach to meet these compliance requirements, helping businesses navigate complex regulatory frameworks, mitigate risks, and maintain transparency in operations.


Energy management plays a pivotal role in advancing sustainability goals by optimising resource usage, minimising emissions, and promoting renewable energy adoption, thereby fostering resilience, innovation, and long-term viability for businesses and communities alike.

Our consultants help to implement effective energy management practices, creating opportunities to reduce energy bills and your organisation’s carbon footprint. We aim to deliver quick and effective results for clients using our energy management services. As one of the UK’s fastest-growing energy consulting companies, we can be your first point of contact for any energy management services or energy efficiency advice you may require.

As contracts become increasingly difficult to understand, checking and confirming your energy bills are correct can be a timely and challenging process. With that, along with billing discrepancies, you could find yourself spending hours-on-end trying to make sense of what is in front of you. Through our energy management services, we aim to prevent this by looking after everything for you and checking your bills are accurate.

We complete checks on the core areas of utility management, including site/meter information, contract or tariff issues, and checking usage and additional charges. Your organisation may also be eligible for government policy-related deductions if you are taking steps to use energy more efficiently, such as reduced Climate Change Levy (CCL) charges.

What is Energy Management?

Our Energy Management Services

Many organisations are inaccurately billed by suppliers, leaving owners unsure on how to navigate the industry. Our energy management services offer tailored solutions for optimising efficiency and sustainability, whilst aiming to reduce expenditure. From energy auditing to energy reduction strategies, we ensure proactive management with streamlined processes. 

Energy Auditing and Reporting

We will review and analyse your organisation’s utility bills, checking even the smallest detail to ensure that the energy consumption and billing charges are accurate and in line with the contracted rates and tariffs. Our energy consultants aim to build a comprehensive analysis of organisation’s energy consumption, identifying opportunities for savings and where steps can be made towards sustainable solutions. Within this, we can help you comply with Government Energy Regulations.

Half-Hourly (HH) Data Collection and Monitoring

We can help your organisation monitor consumption in real-time, providing an in-depth understanding of consumption patterns throughout the day and identifying where usage is being wasted. We can monitor active changes that the organisation chooses to make from these reports to determine success of operational implementations.

Site Surveys

Our site surveys service provides a thorough assessment of your premises to identify opportunities for enhancing energy efficiency and reducing waste. Our experienced team conducts detailed evaluations, analysing factors such as building layout, equipment, and operational practices (this includes assessments such as HVAC). We then provide actionable recommendations tailored to your specific needs, empowering you to implement targeted solutions and maximise energy savings.

Energy Reduction Strategies

By combining innovative strategies with our expertise in assessing your energy usage patterns, we develop comprehensive plans to optimise efficiency and minimise waste. From Solar PV and LED installations to smart sensor deployment, we provide the tools and guidance needed to achieve significant energy savings and enhance sustainability across your organisation.


These are two regulatory compliance frameworks in the UK that aim to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions in organisations. ESOS requires large organisations to perform regular energy audits and SECR requires all UK companies of a certain criteria to report on consumption and greenhouse gas emissions – we can help you understand the criteria, conduct the audits and ensure that you remain compliant.

Meter Installations and Upgrades

Our team are here to assist you with any metering requirements you may have, including meter installations, establishing new connections, upgrades, sub-metering, and smart metering. Smart metering can help you achieve billing accuracy by installing smart meters for your organisation to ensure your usage is monitoring in real-time, rather than estimated.

Ready To Talk To Our Energy Management Team?

Our team aim to help you implement effective energy management practices that deliver quick and tangible results, providing the opportunity to lower energy costs and decrease their organisation’s environmental impact.

As one of the UK’s leading and rapidly expanding energy consultancy firms, we’re your primary resource for all your energy management needs and energy efficiency guidance. Book a free one-to-one consultation today at a time that suits you and start your journey with BP Consulting.

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