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Comprehensive Meter Installations and Siteworks Services

At BP Consulting, we understand that carrying out utility siteworks, arranging sub-metering or new meter connections can be confusing and time-consuming. That's why we provide comprehensive meter installations and siteworks services, ensuring our team have an in-depth knowledge of the complex process.

We offer end-to-end solutions for gas, electricity, and water metering, aiming to provide you with a service that is simple, quick and efficient.

We have built outstanding relationships with our supplier network; this means that we can find you a suitable and cost-effective supplier to work with for any meter installations or siteworks, so that your project is efficiently managed. Our dedicated team work hard towards creating a fully managed and committed service, advising you on all aspects of your energy. From arranging pipework and meter installations to the energy supply contract itself, we are here to help make the job easier for you.

Smart Meters

Gain actionable insights that enable you to optimise efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance sustainability efforts through smart meter installations. Identify usage patterns and empower your organisation to make informed decisions and achieve greater energy efficiency.


Sub-metering allows you to measure and record usage in different areas within your building, providing detailed insights into energy usage at a granular level, enabling you to identify inefficiencies and optimise resource allocation. Count on us to empower your organisation with the data-driven solutions needed to drive efficiency and sustainability.

Meter Upgrades and Downgrades

Whether you're scaling up to accommodate increased demand or streamlining operations to reduce costs, count on us to deliver tailored solutions that enhance your energy management capabilities. Having the correct electricity or gas meter tailored to your organisation's needs prevents overpayment resulting from previous occupants' meter mismatches or inaccurate supplier estimates.

Our Meter Installations and Siteworks Services

Our meter installations and siteworks services offer a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to your organisational needs. From sub-metering for detailed energy insights to smart meter installations for real-time monitoring, we help organisations effectively manage resources and optimise efficiency.


If you want to be able to measure and record usage in different areas within your building, let us arrange sub-metering in addition to your existing primary billing meters. This can be particularly beneficial for property management purposes. Tenants not paying bills can be a real problem for a landlord or property management companies. We know that sometimes tenants need time to get back on their feet, but if it becomes a prolonged problem, we can give you access to switch the tenant sub-meter off meaning you won’t have to worry about trying to re-coupe money for energy being used.

Increase or Decrease Meter Capacity

Every electricity meter has a set capacity level; this is the amount of electricity that can pass through the meter at any given time. Businesses that have electricity-intensive operations will have much higher capacity levels than SME businesses. It is vital that you have the right capacity for your business, as a capacity too high can increase your costs unnecessarily, whereas a capacity too low can be a health and safety risk. Our team can complete a free capacity review to identify any changes that could be made to help you.

Smart Meters (AMR Meters)

Cut your operational costs by upgrading to the latest smart meter. Smart meters have the ability to automatically take and send readings to the data collector. This is often used for non-half-hourly meters to provide more accurate energy bills, leaving billing issues a thing of the past.

Meter Upgrades and Downgrades

Here at BP Consulting, we understand that changes can happen in a business; from changes in processes to changes in location and services. Knowing you have the right electricity/gas meter for your organisations bespoke needs; this ensures you are not over-paying due to the incorrect meter type being installed for a previous occupant, or due to incorrect estimates issued by suppliers.

New Connections and Temporary Supplies

Our team can assist in finding the right meter for your business and managing the installation process. We aim to create minimal disruption to your business through the installation of your new gas or electricity supply by communicating directly with the supplier on your behalf, so that you can sit back and focus on running your business. 

Meter Repairs and Removals

Think something’s wrong with your gas or electricity meter? If so, we’ll arrange for an engineer to come out to check for faults and take action if required.​ If your business premises no longer needs a gas or electricity supply, we’ll arrange for it to be safely disconnected from the network. Alternatively, if the property is going to remain in use, we can help to ‘de-energise’ the meter. 

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Our experienced team can help with your meter installations and siteworks needs, from smart meter upgrades to meter removals.

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