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About BP Consulting

Learn about our mission, values, and our unique approach. Discover how we're making a difference in the energy industry and how you can join us on our journey toward a cleaner, more sustainable future.

About BP Consulting

Our mission is straightforward: to clarify business utilities, implement effective solutions, and ensure our clients’ satisfaction. BP Consulting is one of the UK’s fastest-growing energy management companies, born from a joint venture between two industry-leading business management consultancies. Our unique approach helps businesses reduce expenditure, control consumption, and enhance sustainability.

Our founders believe there is more to energy than what you pay. Both Account Management and Energy Management are crucial to modern businesses – we’re here to help you achieve your energy goals.

We understand the importance of choice in energy suppliers; we have built and maintained well-established relationships with major suppliers in the UK energy market. This ensures choice in energy supplier dependent on the organisations needs. 





Metering and Siteworks

Water Droplet - Water Management


Together, We Are Shaping The Future Of Business Energy.

Ensuring your organisation has an affordable and efficient energy supply is crucial for its daily operations. We understand that owners and utilities managers often face time constraints when searching for suitable energy tariffs or managing their accounts. 

Our goal is to assist clients in reaching their energy objectives through a customised and communicative approach. With our experienced team and cutting-edge technology, clients find value in our services, leading to long-term partnerships.

We offer access to competitive pricing, supply options, emerging technology, sustainability solutions, and legislative updates, keeping our clients ahead of industry trends. Our commitment is to consistently deliver products and services that bring real and sustainable value.

As your organisation’s needs evolve, we provide the necessary data, analysis, and insights for informed decision-making. Each client is assigned a dedicated Account Manager, ensuring a strong and enduring working relationship. They act promptly to address any queries, utilising their energy expertise to tailor our services to your specific needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to clarify business utilities, implement solutions and make our clients happy. We aim to take out the complexities of business energy for large businesses, public sector organisations, and SME’s through innovative procurement strategies and effective management.

Our Values


We are committed to environmental and social responsibility. We promote sustainable practices in our services and operations, working towards a more sustainable future for all.


Our team has years of experience, further supported by Continuous Professional Development (CPD), aiming to provide our clients with the highest level of expertise and guidance in a fast-changing industry.


Collaboration is key to our success. We work closely as a team, as well as with our clients and partners, to foster a culture of teamwork and shared goals, driving mutual growth and success.

Our Approach

Continuous Development

We embrace a culture of continuous learning and improvement. We stay updated with industry trends, regulations, and technologies to provide the most up-to-date solutions to our clients.

Bespoke Procurement

From the inception of our client relationships, we are determined to thoroughly understand their business objectives and requirements, ensuring that their utility procurement aligns seamlessly with their needs. Right from the outset, our goal is to achieve accuracy to ensure client satisfaction.

Customer Care

Our clients are at the centre of everything we do. We are dedicated to understanding their unique challenges and providing customised, client-centric solutions. From bill validation, to metering and siteworks, we can support and facilitate your requirements.

Life at BP Consulting

Check out our blog to see what the team have to say about working at BP Consulting.

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