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Sustainable Energy Solutions for the Education Sector

By embracing innovative technologies and strategic approaches, we help provide sustainable energy solutions for the education sector, aiming to make renewable energy services for schools, colleges and universities more accessible. Let's create a greener, more efficient, and economically sustainable environment.

Understanding the needs and requirements of the education sector.

At BP Consulting, our team aim to help the education sector reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint, while improving operational efficiency and reducing costs. The official statistics indicate that an estimated £173 million worth of energy costs could be saved by the education sector per year!

Smart Technology Controls

These advanced systems integrate smart technologies to monitor and regulate heating, ventilation, lighting, and other utilities based on occupancy and usage patterns.


We can help you adhere to established standards and regulations in the education sector, promoting sustainability and responsible resource management.


Developing a comprehensive energy strategy in the education sector involves a holistic approach to optimise energy consumption, reduce costs, and promote sustainability.

LED Lighting

These long-lasting and eco-friendly light sources contribute to sustainability goals, enhance visibility in classrooms, and offer flexibility through smart controls allowing for customisable lighting solutions.

Solar Energy

Implementing renewable energy for schools, such as Solar PV systems, not only reduces reliance on traditional energy sources but also cuts operational costs and carbon emissions.


At BP, efficient energy procurement encompasses strategic sourcing and responsible decision-making to secure cost-effective and sustainable energy solutions.

We understand the critical role educational institutions play in shaping the future. That's why we provide sustainable energy solutions for the education sector, including renewable energy services for schools, universities and colleges.

Our consultancy services are tailored to the unique needs of the education sector, and we work closely with our clients to understand their energy goals and objectives. We provide a comprehensive range of sustainable energy solutions for the education sector that includes:

Energy Procurement

We help the education sector to procure energy at competitive rates. Our team of experts will analyse your energy requirements and provide recommendations on the most cost-effective energy procurement options.

Renewable Energy

We offer a range of renewable energy services for schools, universities and colleges, including Solar PV, CHP, and LED bulbs. Our experts will help you to assess the feasibility of renewable energy options and develop a plan for implementation.

Energy Auditing

Our energy auditing service helps organisations in the education sector to identify areas of energy wastage and inefficiency. We use the latest technology and techniques to measure energy consumption and identify potential savings.

Energy Management

We provide comprehensive energy management services that include developing energy policies, setting targets, and implementing energy-saving measures. Our team of experts will work closely with you to develop a customised energy management plan that meets your specific needs.​

How Can We Help The Educational Sector?

At BP Consulting, we are committed to providing our clients with high-quality energy consultancy services that deliver measurable results. We collaborate with our clients to ensure that our services meet their unique needs. If you’re an organisation in the education sector looking to reduce your energy consumption, improve efficiency, and save costs, then contact us today to discuss your requirements. Our experienced team will be happy to assist you in developing an effective energy management strategy that meets your needs.

Our team will work with you to understand your current energy usage and identify areas where you can save money. Due to our strong relationships with a number of leading UK energy suppliers, we aim to secure competitive prices.

Start saving time and money on your energy today by filling in the form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

Reduce Consumption

At BP, we can help to construct an energy strategy tailored to your organisation, and with additional energy management and efficiency measures, you could massively reduce your energy consumption.

Improve Efficiency

Through energy efficiency measures, such as HVAC assessments and IoT solutions, we work with your organisation to lower consumption for sustainability and cost savings.

Save Costs

We empower organisations in the education sector through competitive energy contracts, reduced consumption, and renewable solutions with the aim of saving you costs on your energy.

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