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Meet The Team

At BP Consulting, we take pride in our dedicated team of energy experts who are passionate about helping our clients navigate the dynamic energy landscape.

We are excited to introduce you to the passionate and dedicated professionals who make up our energy consulting team. Each member of our team brings unique expertise and experience to the table, and together, we work towards a common goal of helping businesses reduce their energy usage and costs.

Gerard Harford

Managing Director

Matthew McAdam

Energy Consultant

Oliver Maudling

Energy Consultant

Sarah Harford

Operations Director

Tanim Minha

Operations Coordinator

Joe Thwaite

Administrative Assistant

Hilly Hannam-Seymour

Marketing & Brand Coordinator

Tom Hardy

Finance Assistant

Our team make us who we are

“BP Consulting is a dynamic workplace and working here has been both exciting and rewarding. This past year, I have enjoyed expanding my knowledge of the energy industry, I have worked on assisting our clients with any issues that they may have and collaborating with colleagues to streamline our processes. All this has made my time at BP consulting very enjoyable. Teamwork, client focus, and personal growth are at the core of our success, making it a truly fulfilling workplace.” 

Tanim Minha, Operations Coordinator

Staff Benefits at BP Consulting

Rewarding Commission

Our sales team work on uncapped commission, rewarding our sales assistants for their hard work and commitment.​

Free Parking

Our office has a large car park with free parking, so that our staff have less stress when arriving for work in the morning.

Casual Fridays

We do casual Fridays, for the team to be more comfortable and relaxed before the weekend.

Extended December Break

Our team work hard all year round; we like to reward them with an extended break over Christmas and New Year!​

Company-Wide Events

We organise events to strengthen team relationships, foster a sense of belonging, and celebrate shared achievements, creating a positive and inclusive workplace culture.

Flexible Working

We operate a flexible working policy, meaning our team can build up time for extra hours they work and use them to take time off another day.​

Financial Rewards

Hard work and excellent performance are rewarded! Performance based, discretionary bonuses and commission scheme are a great benefit to working at BP Consulting, creating a motivated and incentivised workforce.​

VDU Eyecare at Specsavers

With Specsavers, our employees have access to professional eye examinations and, if necessary, specialised eyewear tailored to their specific needs. This not only promotes eye health but also enhances overall comfort and productivity in the workplace.

Career Development

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is always at the forefront of our minds; we are committed to supporting all of our team in their professional development, offering support, progression paths and training.

At BP Consulting, we are always looking for new people to join our team. Click the button below to see what vacancies we have available!

Life at BP Consulting

Check out our blog to see what the team have to say about working at BP Consulting.

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