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Meet Our Team

We are excited to introduce you to the passionate and dedicated professionals who make up our energy consulting team. Each member of our team brings unique expertise and experience to the table, and together, we work towards a common goal of helping businesses reduce their energy usage and costs.

Sarah Harford

Operations Director


Tanim Minha

Operations Coordinator


Hilly Hannam-Seymour

Marketing & Brand Coordinator


Jordan Lightley

Account Manager


Joseph Thwaite

Administrative Assistant

Lewis Wiseman

Sales Assistant

Matthew McAdam



Our team make us who we are

“The positive environment in which I work is one of the reasons I appreciate working at BP Consulting. I’ve always said that the atmosphere in the office is welcoming and everyone is friendly, making it feel almost like a second home. The guidance you get from management also means that your performance is always improving, and it’s easy to stay focused.

Overall, working with BP Consulting is a fantastic experience, and the fact that we are bringing on additional team members will help the company move quicker towards its goals.”

Jordan Lightley, New Business Executive

Staff Benefits at BP Consulting

Flexible Working

We operate a flexible working policy, meaning our team can build up time for extra hours they work and use them to take time off another day.​

Hybrid Working

Here at BP Consulting, our employees are our family and our customers are our friends. Employee and customer happiness is paramount and valued above all else.

Casual Fridays

We do casual Fridays, for the team to be more comfortable and relaxed before the weekend.

Extended December Break

Our team work hard all year round; we like to reward them with an extended break over Christmas and New Year!​

VDU Eyecare at Specsavers

With Specsavers, our employees have access to professional eye examinations and, if necessary, specialised eyewear tailored to their specific needs. This not only promotes eye health but also enhances overall comfort and productivity in the workplace.

Gym Membership

After passing probation, our team are offered a gym membership at a local gym, with leisure and pool facilities, all paid for by the company!​

Financial Rewards

Hard work and excellent performance are rewarded! Performance based, discretionary bonuses and commission scheme are a great benefit to working at BP Consulting, creating a motivated and incentivised workforce.​

Staff Wellbeing

Our team's wellbeing is of the utmost priority; to ensure this, we have regular wellbeing check-ins and meetings. With our HR software, we can arrange counselling for members of the team where more support is needed.​

Career Development

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is always at the forefront of our minds; we are committed to supporting all of our team in their professional development, offering support and training where possible. ​

At BP Consulting, we are always looking for new people to join our team. Click the button below to see what vacancies we have available!

Life at BP Consulting

Check out our blog to see what the team have to say about working at BP Consulting.

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