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What Is An Energy Broker And Why Should I Use One?

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So, what is an Energy Broker?

To put it simply, energy brokers are like any brokerage service. We are intermediaries between your business and energy suppliers. From managing contracts on behalf of your business to helping you minimise your day-to-day operational expenditures, which in turn, lowers your carbon footprint.

What do you do?

We work with you on a 1-2-1 basis, which means we can learn everything about your business and it’s energy needs. By learning about your business on a more personal level, we are able to tailor a bespoke service so we can find the best deal for your business. We are then able to connect you with the right energy supplier. We have many contacts with suppliers all across the UK, including; British GasEDFOpusSSEScottish Power and Crown Gas & Power, just to name a few.

We negotiate prices and tariffs on behalf of your business, so you don’t have to spend time out of your busy schedule looking at competing companies trying to win your custom. At the end of the day, your time is valuable and can be better spent elsewhere, and by taking on the work for you, you can spend your valuable time actually running your business.

Other services we offer are contract validation, contract alignments, KVA health checks and sorting those frustrating bill disputes on your behalf. We take on all of the work, meaning you don’t have to read through confusing contracts, or negotiate prices on your own. We have the knowledge to navigate through the contracts and break everything down for you so you know exactly what you’re signing up for. By being the middle man, we strive to make your job a whole lot easier, by doing all the work for you.

At BP Consulting, we also help businesses break into using renewable energy sources. We have a sustainability Pledge for 2021, where we aim to switch 50% of our current customers to green energy sources. We also offer services with green on-site energy generation.

Find out more about our Sustainability Pledge.

What all of this boils down to, is the fact that an energy broker saves you and your business a lot of time, energy and money, by finding you the best tariffs for your consumption needs.

Are you a bubbly person with great people skills? We might have just the job for you. Becoming an energy consultant with us at BP Consulting will connect you with like minded people, give you training within the sector, and give you the opportunity to grow a new career.

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