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BP Consulting’s Sustainability Pledge – For a Greener Future

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During the past year, we have joined the fight against climate change. By committing ourselves to a sustainability pledge, we strive to hold ourselves accountable for our carbon footprint and aim to encourage businesses we work with to do the same. We approach this by actively encouraging our clients to move toward green and renewable energy sources that we have to offer. That’s why, by 2023, we aim to switch 50% of our current customers to sustainable energy solutions.

Previously, renewable energy has been expensive and not operationally cost effective for businesses. Nowadays, with more technology at our disposal, we have more renewable sources like wind, solar and hydro to use. These are all choices that are cost effective for even the smallest of businesses. One of the reasons for the high price of renewable energy was installation and production costs, however, this has decreased because more businesses gave started to invest in renewable energy sources.

The price and availability of renewable energy are also wrapped up in politics. It took renewable energy sources becoming popular for the government to invest any money into it. Schemes like the Renewables Obligation is one such policy, that increases investment into renewable energy sources, and therefore, lowers the cost for the public.

The Renewables Obligation came into effect in 2002. The obligation places a duty on UK suppliers to source an increasing amount of their electricity from renewable sources.

Misty forest.

Not only do we deal with energy supply, but we also help businesses with on-site energy generation through Solar, and Combined Heating Power (CHP). CHP still uses gas but is a greener, more cost-effective way of generating power. This is because it makes use of the heat that would otherwise be wasted when generating electrical power. CHP allows heat requirements to be met that would otherwise require additional fuel to be burnt. By working with you on a 1-2-1 basis, we provide expert advice tailored to your needs, ensuring that your renewable energy source will keep the cost and your carbon footprint as low as possible.

Energy consumption isn’t only monitored by which way you generate it. People can save energy in little ways in day-to-day life that make a big difference. In the interest of leading by example, we have implemented many things in-office for our employees to follow and make them think about their carbon footprint. By being conscious about recycling and changing our behaviours can directly impact energy consumption and our impact on the climate.

For example, when one plastic bottle is recycled, it saves enough energy to power a 60-Watt lightbulb for 6 hours. That’s 12 LED lightbulbs for an entire working day! In-office, we have made a conscious effort to recycle more, take care of what we are throwing away, and try not to contribute to more waste than necessary.

One small but effective change we have made is by switching to LED light bulbs. LED bulbs use only 5 Watts, while CFL, Halogen and Incandescent bulbs use 10, 29 and 40 Watts, respectively. LED lights have a lifespan 25 times longer than other bulbs and research shows, they actually improve productivity within the workplace.

public sector energy management led bulbs

At BP Consulting, we try to lead by example. To do this, we are striving to go paperless where possible, and we have started car-pooling to the office. As a team, we also took part in World Bicycle Day. Collectively, we travelled a total of 129.3 miles by cycling instead of driving. We have also started offering free bicycle MOTs and secure onsite parking to encourage people to cycle to work rather than drive. By cycling to work and even car-pooling, it cuts down our carbon footprints drastically.

If you want to join us on our journey towards a more sustainable future, get in touch today to find out how we can help your business save money and reduce your emissions!

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