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The Swimming Pool Support Fund: Keeping Leisure Centres Afloat

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Public leisure centres have been a cornerstone of communities for decades, offering a vital space for exercise, recreation, and even lifesaving skills development. However, recent years have seen many leisure centres struggle. The COVID-19 pandemic forced closures, and rising energy costs have threatened their very existence.

The introduction of the Swimming Pool Support Fund, a UK government initiative designed to help leisure centres stay afloat, entails a total of £60 million allocated, and is being divided into two key phases.

Swimming Pool Support Fund

How the Swimming Pool Support Fund is Divided:

  • Phase I: Revenue Support (£20 million)

    This initial phase recognised the immediate financial strain caused by rising costs. The £20 million grant provided much-needed support to facilities most at risk of closure, helping them cover operational expenses like heating and pool chemicals.

  • Phase II: Capital Investment (£40 million)

    Taking a long-term approach, Phase II focuses on energy efficiency. By allocating £40 million for capital investments, the fund aims to equip leisure centres with upgrades that will significantly reduce their energy consumption. Some of these upgrades could include the installation of solar panels to generate clean, renewable energy on-site, alongside energy monitoring software to help centres track and optimise their energy use. This translates to lower running costs, ensuring these facilities remain sustainable for years to come.

The Benefits of the Swimming Pool Support Fund

The benefits for leisure centres are clear. The Swimming Pool Support Fund is a critical investment that will:

  • Prevent Closures

    The financial assistance from Phase I provides immediate relief, safeguarding pools from closure and ensuring communities continue to have access to these valuable resources.

  • Reduce Running Costs

    Upgrading facilities for better energy efficiency in Phase II empowers leisure centres to become more sustainable in the long run. Lower energy bills will free up resources that can be reinvested into maintaining and improving the facilities.

  • Promote Public Health

    By keeping pools open and accessible, the fund encourages people of all ages to participate in swimming, a fantastic form of exercise with numerous health benefits.

The Swimming Pool Support Fund is a welcome wave of support for leisure centres across the UK. By addressing both immediate financial concerns and long-term sustainability, this initiative ensures public swimming pools can continue to be a place for communities to splash around, stay healthy, and create lasting memories.

Further Support for Public Sector Leisure Centres

While the Swimming Pool Support Fund is a fantastic initiative, public leisure centres can explore further sustainability options through the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS). This government program offers grants specifically for heat decarbonisation and energy efficiency measures in public buildings. Leisure centres can leverage the PSDS to fund additional upgrades beyond those offered by the Swimming Pool Support Fund. This could include transitioning away from gas boilers for heating pools and buildings or installing more comprehensive insulation systems. By combining these resources, leisure centres have the potential to make significant strides towards becoming truly sustainable facilities. For more information on the PSDS, including eligibility criteria and application details, leisure centres can visit our dedicated webpage.

How We Can Help

The Swimming Pool Support Fund and Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme offer fantastic opportunities for leisure centres to embrace a greener future. But navigating the application process and choosing the right upgrades can be daunting. That’s where we come in!

We are experts in energy efficiency and have a proven track record of implementing successful renewable solutions. We can partner with your leisure centre to:

  • Review your eligibility for both funding schemes and guide you through the application process.
  • Conduct a comprehensive energy audit to identify areas for improvement and potential cost savings.
  • Develop a tailored plan that integrates upgrades funded by the Swimming Pool Support Fund and PSDS, maximising their impact.
  • Design and implement a range of renewable energy solutions, such as solar panel installations, to further reduce your reliance on fossil fuels.

By working together, we can assist your leisure centre in taking full advantage of these government initiatives and make a significant leap towards a sustainable future. Let’s keep our pools flowing, our planet healthy, and our communities thriving!

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