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The Top Reasons You Should Be Using LED Lighting

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Why LED Lighting?

What was once the standard lighting used within offices, warehouses, shops, and most working environments proving to be harsh, glaring and unmotivating is now being edged out with the popularity of LED Lighting. The old school, conventional halogen light bulbs gave employees a poorly lit workspace – negatively affecting work rates, mood, and focus.With brighter, higher-quality lighting, staff can feel much more focused and happier, as LEDs near enough replicate’s daylight, therefore, producing melatonin.
man changing outdated lightbulb to LED lighting

How does LED Lighting work?

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are found in large numbers of electrical devices. First appearing in 1962, as a component in remote-control circuits, these low intensity, infer-red emitting LEDs are still used in many consumer appliances.

LEDs work through a simple semiconductor, a ‘diode’. These diodes produce light as a form of energy, this energy is made up of particles called photons, which are the most basic unit of light.

VLEDS (Visible light-emitting diodes) contain materials with a wider gap between the conduction band and a lower orbital. The size of the gap between these changes the frequency of the photons and therefore, the colour of the emitted light.

Even though all diodes release light, most are not very effective. The semiconductors materials absorb most of the light released by ordinary diodes. LEDs are made to release much larger amounts of photons outwards and the bulbs have a plastic housing to concentrate their light in a specific direction, therefore, most of the light is not absorbed.

What are the benefits of LED Lighting?

LED lighting could save you money, time, and lots of energy; truly making them a business’s best friend. 

With the price of LED’s dropping and the efficiency rising, now is the perfect time to start thinking about making the swap.

The main benefits of LED Lighting are:

How do I upgrade?

BP Consulting can supply a diverse range of LED lighting, for any type of business, office, warehouse, or factory. We can work with you every step of the way and find you an ideal and cost-effective solution for your business.

If you are interested in LEDs or you would like to receive a quote, visit our website, email [email protected] or call: 0800 989 0141.

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