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Using a Smart Meter for Your Business Energy Readings

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Smart meters for measuring business energy consumption
Smart Meters are becoming an increasingly common thing in domestic and commercial spaces. By 2025 all energy suppliers will be required to offer their customers a smart meter. With this in mind, we aim to highlight why we think you should consider a smart meter for your business.

What are Smart Meters?

Smart meters measure a business’ gas and electricity consumption. They provide frequent and accurate meter readings and display how much energy you have used in a day and the cost of this energy usage.

Smart Meters have provided many SMEs clarity on their expenditure and eradicated the need for estimated billing, increasing transparency and consumer understanding. Furthermore, because energy meters show you how much energy you’re using and its costs, it helps consumers monitor and manage their energy consumption. This has become increasingly instrumental for businesses in their quest to reduce their carbon footprint and meet their NetZero responsibilities.

Benefits for your Business

Clarity – The ongoing energy crisis has left many businesses feeling uncertain about their gas and electricity bills. Having a smart meter allows you to monitor your consumption and prevents you from being overcharged by your supplier


Efficiency – One of the big headaches for many small businesses is estimated bills. Estimated bills often lead to companies being overcharged and waiting for a rebate on your energy. Furthermore, submitting meter readings to your supplier can be a distraction from important business. Owning a smart meter circumvents this because they automatically submit your meter readings!  


Intelligence – By increasing your understanding of your consumption you can change your patterns of consumption, providing you with the opportunity to reduce your consumption in off-peak times.


Sustainability – By monitoring your energy consumption, you can adopt energy-efficient measures and adapt your consumption to reduce wasteful consumption. By having access to real-time data tracking your energy consumption, you can implement goals to limit consumption and reduce waste energy.


Transparency – If your smart meter shows sudden spikes or other unusual activity, this could highlight a faulty supply or device. Owning a smart meter allows you to identify problems faster and speak with your supplier.

How can BP help?

At BP, we have a team of industry specialists and close connections with the leading energy suppliers, which means we can provide you with the latest smart meter for your business. Get in touch today and begin your journey to a cheaper and more sustainable future.

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