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Team Building is imperative in the workplace as getting along with colleagues is essential to positive and productive collaboration. This improves individuals’ communication and delegation skills. This translates into team dynamics in the workplace. Here at BP Consulting, we recognise the importance of team building. We would love to share some thoughts and ideas on effective team-building strategies that are fun and encouraging for both employers and employees.

Outdoor Activities

Five-a-Side Football

Five-a-side football is a fantastic activity to encourage team building, exercise, and spending time outdoors. Exercise and spending time outdoors have been proven to have a significant on mental health and well-being, in turn having a positive impact on employees.

The strategising and team organisation that goes behind five-aside, such as determining players’ positions and plan of attacks, encourages soft skills that can be translated to the working environment.

As long as no one is a sore loser, this is a great way to promote team building outdoors.

Two soccer players running and kicking a soccer ball. Legs of two young football players on a match. European football youth player legs in action

Beach Clean-Ups

The benefits of beach clean-ups are endless – spend time outdoors, contribute to the improvement of our local environment, exercise and get to know your colleagues more informally.

Arranging this as an organisation improves event organisation skills across multiple teams and encourages employees to work towards a common goal – a factor that is crucial to bring into the workplace.


Campfire Stories

A campfire retreat encourages and develops a wide range of skills, whilst having fun with colleagues. Being outdoors is great for well-being. Campfire stories inspire storytelling and improve cooperation, as well as encourage imagination and creativity.

Preparation and Organisation of such an event encourage communication across multiple departments to gather resources and determine travel arrangements. This is beneficial as it breaks the ice between employers across different departments who maybe don’t know each other inspiring a long-term impact of better collaboration within multi-department managed projects.

tent in forest

Indoor Activities

Escape Room

A work escape room would be a fantastic way of improving teamwork as employees would need to work as a team to get out, listen to each other’s ideas and communicate well. Skills such as decision making, problem-solving and collaboration are all utilised in activities like escape rooms – all the while having fun and getting to know colleagues outside of the working environment.

Group of friends are solving quests to get out of escape room stylized like laboratory.


Cost-effective and easily organised, quizzes are effective for improving team building. We would recommend splitting up into teams and choosing team names that are rewarded with a small prize – this incentivises employees to be creative and get to know their teammates. Quizzes encourage employees to listen to each other’s ideas and answers while making the definitive decision on what answer to choose. Quizzes encourage inclusivity – covering a range of topics within the quiz enables all employees of ranging interests to get involved.

The pub quiz. Beer glass and blank paper for answers

Charity Bake Sales

Cake sales have been known to increase employee engagement and collaboration. An activity such as this has an incredible number of benefits to employees, employers and the community, including:

  • Raising money for a worthwhile cause, using the donations to provide for a local charity
  • Working in a team but maintaining a designated role; one person could bake, another could promote the event, and another could manage the finances. Having these roles in place promotes responsibility and accountability within the team and motivates everyone to deliver.
The pub quiz concept. Beer glass and blank paper for answers

Why Not Join Us?

At BP Consulting, we are invested in team building. We see and enjoy the amazing benefits these activities have on our team. This has certainly bought us all closer together and promoted a fun and positive culture in the workplace.

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