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How Our Energy Consultants Make Property Management Easier

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Property management companies face many ups and downs with daily operations to maintenance of buildings and facilities. Energy costs are a significant expense that directly affects their bottom line and can take up a massive amount of time and effort to manage. As energy prices continue to rise, it has become increasingly important for property management companies to find ways to manage their energy costs effectively. This is where we come in.

We specialise in helping property management companies find the best energy rates for their specific needs. By working with us, property management companies can benefit from our expertise in energy procurement and management, which can lead to significant cost savings, improved energy efficiency, and reduced environmental impact. We’re here to tell you all of the ways we can help utilise your energy management and reduce your costs.

Our Consultants Do Bill Validation For You

Energy bills can often be complex and contain errors. Our expert team have extensive experience in recognising those errors and rectifying them, ensuring your company does not have to spend time filtering through endless amounts of bills to ensure they are correct and to make sure you are only paying for energy that has been used.

Electrical room with multiple smart meters, cabinets, wiring and fire extinguisher. Below-grade service room of 4 story strata building with residential or commercial units. Selective focus.

Smart Meter Adoptions and Exchanges

If you have a smart meter in place and chose to switch supplier, it is crucial to ensure that the new supplier is adopting your smart meters. Our experts can oversee the entire adoption process to make sure that your smart meters and transmitting to the supplier, thus making sure your bills are as accurate as possible.

If you don’t have smart meters installed, we can look into whether your meter is eligible for an exchange and oversee the entire smart meter roll-out on your behalf across all of your sites. Having smart meters installed across as many sites as possible means that your company will have even more accurate billing, and site managers will not have to spend time taking any more readings!

Dedicated Customer Care For Property Management

Our customer care team are committed to ensuring that our property management clients have the best service. We understand the complexities of managing multiple properties and we just want to make things easier. Dealing with the supplier on your behalf cuts out any time you would normally spend trying to resolve any queries you may have. All you need to do is get in touch with us, and we will do the rest.

If you want to work with BP Consulting and make the steps towards an energy efficient property management company, call 0800 989 0143 or book a consultation with us today using the button below.

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