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Hello from BP Consulting and welcome to our new blog! We understand how the business energy market can be complex to navigate, with changing tariffs and different suppliers.

That is why the team at BP Consulting are here to make organisations who want to make sustainable changes easy and affordable. At BP Consulting, we recognise how important energy and utility bills are to your company expenditure, which is why we want to reintroduce ourselves and tell you why we are the energy management company for you!

Who are we?

We are energy management consultants who specialise in helping businesses reduce their business energy expenditure. We understand how crucial the choice in energy suppliers is, which is why we work hard in building and maintaining relationships with all major providers in the UK business energy market.

Not only do we provide access to secure pricing and supply but also to emerging technology, sustainability solutions and legislative developments, ensuring our customers always stay ahead of the curve.

When did we start?

BP Consulting was established in 2018 by Oliver Maudling and Gerard Harford. Our founders believed there was more to energy than what businesses pay. That is why, at the core of BP Consulting, we recognise how essential it is to offer account and energy management to maximise your business’ potential.

We have managed to help 253 new customers in 2020 alone, with a massive saving of £116,568!

What do we offer?

Here at BP Consulting we offer a tailored experience for any business who wants to reduce their energy costs; offering the following 4 core services:

Energy Procurement: This service is about the sourcing, identification and acquisition of the gas and electricity contracts that will best suit the needs of your business. Alongside this, we offer risk management strategies, contract tendering, fixed price or flexible risk manage solutions.

Energy Management: Our expert team are dedicated to helping find the best rates for you. We will assign you an accounts manager who will manage all the paperwork and contracts following your consent. With effective energy management, your business could improve efficiency, reduces cost and vastly improve sustainability ahead of the 2030 energy change deadlines.

Energy Strategy: With your assigned Account Manager, you will be able to explain your company goals and objectives to plan an effective strategy to maximise the potential of using the energy rather than waste it. There are two main strategies when regarding energy:

Fixed Strategy: Having fixed price energy contracts is preferential, as this strategy reduces the risks of your energy page increasing and often avoids increases in non-commodity costs.

Flexible Strategy: Sometimes companies may find a flexible strategy to be advantageous. This is beneficial for your company if you want to obtain energy at current market rates.

Metering and Sitework: At BP Consulting we understand that carrying out utility siteworks, arranging sub-meters or new meter connections can be confusing and time consuming. That’s why we have a team of siteworks experts available to offer you an end-to-end solution for gas, electricity and water metering/connections, providing you with a service that is simple, quick and efficient.

We want to support your organization throughout the whole process, which is why we assign a specialised Account Manager who will look into potential suppliers and submit any negotiations once we have your approval.

We don’t just stop there! We will continue to support you beyond the negotiations, such as being there for any questions you may have about the changing energy market.

Why choose us?

Our unique approach ensures all businesses we work with can reduce their business expenditure, control consumption and improve their company’s sustainability. This is why we help you take charge of which energy supplier and type is best for your company, with continuous support every step of the way to help resolve any queries that may occur.

BP Consulting are also embarking on a sustainability pledge for 2021. This is to encourage businesses to embrace greener and more renewable supplies, in order to do our part for the environment.

Where to contact us?

BP Consulting are always ready to help your company, when you are ready to make those essential energy changes!

To speak to an energy consultant, please ring: 0800 989 0141 

Alternatively, please email: [email protected]

BP Consulting appreciates Business efforts

2020 was the beginning of a new society; many businesses and employees have found alternative ways to adapt with the changing industry nature, altering working structures so there are less people in a workplace or some that have unfortunately closed due to the many struggles COVID-19 brought with it.

As we look forward to a new future emerging from 2021, BP Consulting wanted to remind you that we are still here to help you with your business utilities and energy management. That is why we are here for your every step of the way, with experts who want to make the process simple and efficient with the right support.

Please take a further look around our website for more details about our services and to see how we can help you!

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