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Organisations face various challenges when it comes to managing their energy procurement and usage. Rising energy costs, complex market dynamics, and the need to reduce carbon footprint all contribute to the importance of effective energy management. With this in mind, our energy procurement, management and strategy services provide valuable support to organisations. 

Acting as intermediaries between your organisation and energy suppliers, we offer expertise, market insights, and negotiation power to optimise energy contracts and drive cost savings. Not only do we offer competitive energy procurement, but our unique approach to customer care also ensures that our clients are supported throughout their contracts. We’re here to give a peek into our customer’s lifecycles when obtaining energy contracts with us and how we work effortlessly to ensure that the experience is a good one.

Energy Procurement

We believe that efficient and competitive energy procurement is the first step to success. Organisations often spend a significant amount of time looking for the right energy prices for their business – often weeks or months, from our experience. Firstly, our procurement experts are dedicated to reducing that time down significantly; they believe that you should be able to spend time in other areas of your business to generate revenue and create success. Through this belief, we take on all of the difficult work for you; we will explore the market for the most competitive prices and consider suppliers in line with your organisational needs. Give us the hard work, and we will always do our utmost to deliver.

A common worry we face is that the client wants control of their choice in energy supply – and we absolutely agree. We explore the market to develop a portfolio with a selection of suppliers and tariffs and, once this is complete, share our findings with you, so that the final choice is always in your hands.


Our customer care team have streamlined an efficient process to ensure that, whether you are changing supplier or remaining with your current supplier, your bills will be as accurate as possible upon first generation. We will consider whether your organisation:
Every step of our onboarding process aims to improve billing accuracy and customer experience. Our customer care team are on-hand throughout the entirety of your contract.

Customer Care

Our dedicated customer care team continues to look after your organisation even after onboarding, including services such as:


Our team prepare ahead for your renewal, getting in touch well in advance to ensure that we can procure the most competitive rates for your organisation. We believe this provides stability for your organisation, reducing risk and ensuring operational continuity. Approaching renewals early can open new opportunities to discuss appropriate alternatives, such as renewable sources like solar panels, dependent on your organisation’s requirements and budgets. Being prepared is vital and we want to help you achieve this.

Our unique approach to our clients ensures that your organisation is taken care of every step of the way. Take advantage of our extensive expertise, detailed market insights and dedicated customer care team to ultimately gain long-term success in your energy expenditure. Let us help you identify opportunities such as cost-saving tariffs, renewable sources and ideas for usage reduction.

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